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Global Infrastructure, Development & International Finance Agency


The Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency (Commonly referred to as GIDIFA) is a Specialized Agency with the United Nations focused on Humanitarian Concerns and the Economic, Social and Physical Infrastructures in addition to implementation of Social and Economic Freedoms for all people at the Global level under the leadership of the esteemed and Honorable Angel Ferdinand Marcos, Secretary General.



The majority of the Social Programs, Financial Programs and projects of the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency are designed, planned and implemented in order to provide for the social and economic freedom of the individual in alignment with the many International Treaties as they were originally written and intended. The primary goal of the Debt-Relief programs is to allow for economies at all levels to start over on a more even footing and provide the means for the entire population to prosper and not just the select few who are in power when the programs are implemented. Any and all programs that focus on Physical Infrastructure, Electronic and Cyber Infrastructure, Education, Research, Development, Technology, Homelessness, Poverty, Health and Services, Education, the establishment of programs for Global Refugees and other Humanitarian Concerns can be financed by programs already established by GIDIFA.






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