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Sotieri Construction Agreements: 

Sotieri Joint Venture Agreement          Sotieri JV Addendum          Sotieri Letter of Clarification of Authority and Assignments - Hon Elias Many




27 June, 2017 RE: Chad: Int’l arrest warrant against Filipino scamming syndicate

Published on 25.06.2017 à 15h21 by APA News


Journal du Cameroun.com


The purpose of this response is to have 100% transparency relative to the accusations as set forth in the remarks relative to GIDIFA and others from the leadership in Chad.


1. Mr. Elias Many requested a meeting with Mr. Marcos. Mr. Marcos agreed. Mr. Marcos and Mr. Many discussed many funding opportunities (projects) that Mr. Many represented through his involvement with Sotieri Construction. There were no contracts or agreements made directly or indirectly with the Chadian Government.


2. Agreements were made between Mr. Marcos and Mr. Many and (2) documents were drafted and signed by both parties. The documents consisted of a Joint Forces Agreement and Memorandum of Agreement and (2) Addendum to the Joint Forces Agreement dated Sept. 6, 2016. These were TURN KEY contracts with different obligations. The agreements are attached for your review.


3. None of the aforementioned Agreements were exercised due to non-performance on behalf of Mr. Many on initial obligations.


4. Also included in the press release who were falsely accused as accomplices are persons Brian Garriot, Mark Henderson, Jelle Braaksma, Eliseo Bicaido, Thomas Hand, Jeffrey Waugh, Attorney Enrico Baton and Mark de Shutter. The aforementioned persons had no part in any of the negotiations for either Agreements between Mr. Marcos and Mr. Many. Mr. Mark de Shutter is since deceased.





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