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Global Infrastructure, Development & International Finance Agency








Dr. Moon Jee Yoo Undersecretary of International Humanitarian Rights and Causes Korea
HE Elias Many Undersecretary of Humanitarian Development, Africa Division  
Ernesto Cruz Undersecretary for International Foundation Affairs Canada
Edgardo De Leon Hilbero Undersecretary of Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous Humanitarian Affairs Philippines
Sir Robert Forster of Nottingham Undersecretary United Kingdom
Chang Moo Song Undersecretary of Humanitarian Concerns and Alternative Energy Republic of Korea
Dr. Peter Wagoner Undersecretary of International Finance and Poverty Eradication US
Spencer J.K. (Nappy) Napoleon Undersecretary of International Emergency Response and Air Transportation Coordinator  
Ah Yee (Michael) Shek Undersecretary for Asian Relations and Business Affairs Korea
Attorney Enrico G. Barin Undersecretary of Legal Affairs, Philippine/SE Asian Division Philippines
Frankie Ray Johnson Undersecretary of Humanitarian Affairs, US Division US
Gener Elepano Undersecretary of Alternative Energy, SE Asia & Canada Canada
Emmanuel B. Bucayu Jr. Undersecretary of Internal Defense and Policing United States
Irving W. Jackson Undersecretary of Military Affairs US
James Dinwoody Undersecretary of Global Special Projects Sovereign
Robert “Bobby” W. Hatfield Lowder Undersecretary of International Humanitarian and Financial Affairs US
Arbiter Dato' Mahamad Zahari Hj. Awang Undersecretary for Asset Recovery and Redemption Malaysia




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