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GoetheAmong the primary goals as stated by GIDIFA is the implementation and preservation of true economic and social freedom for all people. If there is any major concern however, it is how these ideas may be interpreted by those people who hear them. Every effort is taken to refrain from making any implications in any documentation from GIDIFA, but people will be people, and human nature is such that people will often infer meanings based on their personal experiences. This problem is further exacerbated by the hijacking of language by people who deem political correctness to be more important than the actual meaning of words. Over the course of time, these words often get twisted into something well beyond their original meaning and in effect, lose the ability to convey any real and concise thought. As such, every word spoken or written can be turned into something that it is not if the time is not taken to fully explain.


Much of this difficulty in expression can be avoided in a face-to-face meeting between two people. In such an environment it is easy to engage in a bi-directional communication so that no questions are left unanswered and no detail in question remains without an adequate explanation. GIDIFA is wholly non-partisan and seeks to fully eradicate poverty. Unfortunately, without a comprehensive understanding of exactly how everything works, the programs and projects that have been carefully planned, developed and that are being implemented even now, often get labeled by people who have no clue about the true work that goes on behind the scenes. GIDIFA is wholly non-partisan but when topics like “No-Payment” (Or more properly, Non-Recourse) loans or basic incomes for the entire population are brought up, people tend to presume that it is a socialist or communist system wherein those who do work and earn are punished for the sake of those who do not work and earn. In fact, nothing could be further than the truth, but it requires substantially more to explain it than would be possible in any single article or even any single book. To better understand this however, it is first necessary to understand the end goal for the people of the world. It is necessary to fully grasp the concepts of true Economic and Social Freedom.

Since Economic Freedom is substantially easier to explain in some detail, it is as good a place to start as any. In the simplest form possible, the concept of Economic Freedom can be broken down into a single category. It effectively means that the individual has the financial capacity to provide for all of the basic necessities of life regardless of any prevailing circumstances that may otherwise produce financial hardships. Whether a person is working or not, or working in a paying job or not or whether that person has been “outsourced” or “downsized” in a corporate restructuring. Every human being should have the capacity and the means to provide for the basic necessities of life in an environment of Economic Freedom. The systemic approach is, by necessity, much more complex in nature, but at the end of the day, the only thing that will matter to most people is their ability to pay the bills, put food on the table and hopefully to have some additional finances available to put in savings or to otherwise invest. Social Freedom is a little bit more complicated but an effort will be made to at least explain the basics.

The people of the Philippines do, for the most part, enjoy a great deal of what would normally be called “Social Freedoms”. It may even be safe to say that people here take it somewhat for granted. People have the right to petition and demonstrate publicly when there are issues of major concern. If someone has an excess of bananas or other garden variety produce in their yard, they are free to sell them as they see fit, without undue government influence or worrying about being sued. In a great many locations around the world, people do not enjoy such freedoms, even in some of the more “advanced” and industrialized nations. There is much more to a true, systemic approach to social freedoms however.

Social Freedom includes the right to rest at night, knowing that the individual or family will not be driven on to the streets because of a medical emergency. It includes the right to endeavor for educational pursuits and for the improvement of the individual who in turn, assures the improvement of the community or of the people as a whole. Social Freedom means being able to go to an actual home at night, and not having to sleep on top of or under a cardboard box because housing is just not affordable enough. Unfortunately, in the current economic and financial systems, this means taking away from those who are producing and earning to provide for those who are not working and producing and earning. In short, the effort focuses on strengthening the weak by weakening the strong. Such a system will inevitably fail. There is an alternative that needs to be considered as well.

The Alternative system being referred to can only be created within the GIDIFA community developments at present. It is by its very nature, complex and very involved with far too many boring details to be mentioned here. In short though, the system is established so that there is an income for each and every individual within the community. Additional work and/or responsibilities provide for additional financial gains for the individual and/or the family unit. As such, even the “lowest” families, for lack of a better term only, will still have an income. All of their basic needs will be provided for and they will be financially rewarded for their efforts to improve their personal situation as there is a direct benefit to the community as a whole as well. Educational pursuits will be encouraged with exceptionally accurate aptitude batteries to indicate those fields wherein people stand a better chance of being successful. Education and training will be coupled with tools and opportunities to allow for the success of the individual for the benefit of the community as a whole and to ensure the success of the community for the benefit of each and every individual within the community. If there is any exceptional challenge, it is not being able to reward everyone without any undue financial burden, but establishing a viable system of checks and balances between the governed and the governing bodies. Fortunately, that has been addressed as well, but it also requires a separate article to explain.

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