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Global Infrastructure, Development & International Finance Agency


This is one of the most profound and important sections of this website. Here, you will have the opportunity to explore the Sovereign Royal Portfolio as it has been investigated, noted and signed-off on by many well-known and easily recognized Global Political Leaders.


Additionally, the historical documents and other materials here will be posted in their original forms. However, it is also very important to know exactly what all of this means, so you will also be provided with Bibliographical data and referenced annotations so that you can see for yourself the truth behind the documents.


The facts, plain and simple, are that the current state and global economic models do not work and the global financial system is broken as evidenced by more than than three point six billion (3,600,000,000) people living in abject poverty. The Sovereign Royal Portfolio was previously mis-managed under treaties that were engaged through the Bretton Woods Agreement, 1944, and which expired in 2005 and 2012. As such, the lawful management and control of the Sovereign Royal Portfolio has returned to “Monetary One” (M-1).


So much disinformation has been spread across the Internet, it is difficult for the average person to understand the full scope and spectrum of how the economic system has failed and why. At present, the entire political, economic and financial systems are considered to be a single system of Commerce and as such, are under Admiralty/Maritime Law. (“The worst Code would be one which should be Intended for all Nations indiscriminately. The worst Maritime Code, one which should be dictated by tbe special interest and particular influence of the customs of only one people." - Paedessus … from the cover page of THE LAW OF AMERICAN ADMIRALTY) International Bankruptcies and “economic emergencies” have resulted in an entire global system that is effectively and legally ruled under Martial Law under bankruptcies.


In addition to all of the necessary information that you will need to understand the current system and how it has failed, information will be provided to show you how the solution will be lawfully implemented by Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency (GIDIFA) under the guidance and direction of the current M-1.



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