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  •     Sustainability is one of those oft-misused words that can mean different things to different people even when it is used in a proper context. These pages of the GIDIFA website will be opened up to everyone to discuss their thoughts, opinions, discuss facts, debate solutions and otherwise discuss issues of sustainability. This is a place for anyone and everyone to present their concepts, to ask their questions and to discuss the ideas of others. Please keep it civil or your comments will be removed. While we do not like censoring anyone and do not believe it is right to do so, this is not a location for argument but for discussion. If you are not contributing to the discussion and you are distracting people from it by attacking or going off topic, you leave us no choice but to ban you from this section of the site.


    • This section is not for cussing but discussing. Please keep your tone civil.
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    Refugee Resettlement Programs

    Refugee Resettlement Community Developments

    DISCLAIMER: This outline is based on the Integrated and Adaptive Community Developments which are GIDIFA Funded programs and not necessarily the ideas, beliefs, concepts, projects, programs and/or conclusions of GIDIFA or its Secretary General, Honorable Angel Ferdinand Marcos or any other personnel of GIDIFA.

        Current Affairs surrounding the unheralded refugee crises are overwhelming local and national governments across the world. This tragedy is only exacerbated with the inclusion of sociological and cultural issues that are largely ignored or perhaps worse, downplayed by both the immigrants and refugees and the host governments. GIDIFA and many of its partners in Humanitarian activities, is in a very unique position to help, though this would require individual treaties with the host governments and a level of cooperation that, while not unprecedented, is still challenging to some degree. Fortunately, such a level of cooperation is not without precedent and has been successful during many previous occasions of global humanitarian crises. The only question that remains is which governments will work for the mutual benefits of their refugees and their citizens and which governments will ignore the obvious in hopes that it will go away. For those governments that wish to seek out a solution, herein is the initial outline and approach for consideration.

        The Refugee Resettlement Community Developments are, by nature, little more than an extension of the Community Developments already being undertaken by GIDIFA and their partners for humanitarian action. The Community Developments are established in such a manner as to provide low-cost access to education, hospitalization including medical and health care and treatment, the provision of low-cost, safe, secure and comfortable residences and even the low-cost provision of the more basic necessities of life including food and clothing. The key to their success is in doing all of this in such a way so as not to overly burden the “producers” (read taxpayers) in any given society through excess taxation or other oppressive means that create animosity and cause social and economic chasms which divide societies rather than uniting them. For a government to function in such a way so as to strengthen the nation and protect its people, it must work on social and economic unity rather than on class division or focusing on social assistance programs that further agitate entire sections of their populations. Social assistance must be undertaken in such a manner that it does not attach the social stigma normally associated with being a recipient of that much needed assistance. Perhaps most important however, is a unification of the community as a whole and at the individual level.

        This unification of the individual and the community is a vital component in the success of the community developments and is made possible by a four-part system of checks and balances in addition to concerted and ongoing efforts to unify the community while at the same time celebrating the individual. While it may be nice to believe that everyone is human and at the end of the day, exactly the same as the individual next to them, the reality is not quite so simplistic or singular in nature. Differences in upbringing, religious and cultural beliefs, heritage, creeds and other issues mean that when everything is said and done, there will have to be allowances made for all of these individual factors. However, this does not mean that there is no cause for assimilation, but rather that an active and cooperative approach to integration and assimilation must be undertaken to allow for unity within the commonalities of all people while still maintaining respect for and even celebrating the diversity of the different groups within any community development.

        GIDIFA, under the guidance of the Secretary General, Honorable Angel Ferdinand Marcos, has offered to assist in the funding and creation of Refugee Resettlement Community Developments on a global scale. This will however, require the cooperation and assistance of the domestic government, generally under a bilateral treaty. Lands must be selected wherein an entire community development can be built completely from start to finish. Representative sociological experts from the host country must be made available to work with the leaders of refugee groups in order to assist in the integration of the refugees into the existing laws and social order of the host nation. In return, GIDIFA will build quality, safe and secure housing along with the requisite infrastructure for an entire community. If you are in a position to beneficially assist with the negotiation process and would like more information, please use the contact information on this site to let GIDIFA know what your qualifications are and how you are able to assist.

Asset Redemption Program

           Asset Redemption

    While there are many Specialized Agencies of the United Nations tasked with various functions in regards to Humanitarian Causes, Infrastructure, Development and even matters of Global Finance, GIDIFA is the only one duly Authorized to run the Historical Asset..


GIDIFA Educational Programs

Educational Programs
        Educational Programs

    Education is one of the primary keys in the eradication of poverty around the globe. Unfortunately, the educational systems that are available in far too many locations are more than just lacking. One of the primary focuses of GIDIFA is the provision of viable.


GIDIFA Construction Programs

Innovative Construction Technologies
Innovative Construction Technologies

The Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency uses a wide array of state-of-the-art and innovative Construction Technologies for a great many purposes. Among the most important considerations are safe and secure housing.

GIDIFA Orphanages

Ending Poverty and Homelessness
Ending Poverty and Homelessness

 As one of the United Nations Specialized Agencies tasked with ending poverty and homelessness around the world, the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency is working to drastically change the way that orphans are cared for,

Indigenous and Tribal Programs

Indigenous and Tribal Programs
Indigenous and Tribal Programs

  The situation for the Indigenous People of the world is unique by some standards though they have much in common with many of the underclass and overlooked citizens all around the globe. While there may be some cases where the...

Cyber and Technological Communities

Technological Communities
  Technological Communities

 All of the Integrated Community Developments of GIDIFA (a UN Specialized Agency) will complete, communal locations and as such, will have large infrastructures along many lines. The concept of focusing entire communities around certain, more limited fields, ...

Global Infrastructure, Development & International Finance Agency

    Originally established in 1994, the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency was established as a Sovereign Entity and Specialized Agency to create and implement a more equitable method for the distribution and supply of wealth among all of the peoples of the world in accordance and compliance with the instruments set forth as International Treaties.