AU BRD - Under Construction

AU BRD is a global Gold Bullion Reserve Bank and Depository. It is an exclusive financial institution for exclusive members of Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency (GIDIFA). As a Bullion Reserve bank and depository, AU BRD has been established as a means to facilitate the many International projects and programs of GIDIFA in addition to providing financial services and support for those members of GIDIFA whose banking requirements are more nuanced.


AU BRD offers a host of services including commercial level investments, grants and humanitarian project funding, and of course, many different banking services.


AU BRD is able to safely and securely store and house valuable assets and issue SafeKeeping Receipts which are often utilized in International Trade and Commerce. While AU BRD serves primarily as a Global Bullion Reserve Bank, it serves many additional functions as well.


One of the more prevalent highlights is being the reserve depository for gold-backed digital currency on the market(s). Working through partner organizations, GIDIFA and AU BRD now offer the ability to utilize digital currency in full compliance with BASEL regulations and International Laws regarding trade and commerce on an international level. 



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