GidifaCoins2The idea of Digital (or Crypto) Currency is becoming increasingly common and popular, though only in rare instances, backed up by physical assets. In the case of GIDIFA Coins, available through AU BRD, the Digital Currency or “Coins” are backed up by AU metal, also known as Gold. Some marketing experts presuppose that cryptocurrencies or digital currencies will eventually replace physical currency, and while this may be true to a degree, it is not likely that physical currency will be going away any time soon … for a number of different reasons. Thus, the efforts of AU BRD are to blend or bridge the current gaps between digital currency and physical currency allowing for a seamless and effortless combination of means to conduct financial transactions for you, the AU BRD member.


Working through partner organizations under the terms and conditions of a Joint Forces Agreement, the Gold (AU) of AU BRD provides a physical backup for HiCoin and Infoserve economic and financial models. What is the purpose of having physical backing for the currency though? What purpose does the physical back up of AU metal serve? As a very brief over-simplified response to that oft-asked question, one need only look at one determining factor. When the Industrial economies of the world went on to the Gold Standard it was possible to purchase two nice, tailor-made suits with a single troy ounce of gold. When the industrialized nations switched to a fiat-based system based on fractional reserve banking principles and off the gold-standard, it was possible to purchase two nice, tailor-made suits with one troy ounce of gold. The values of currencies change, the rates of exchange vary, but the value of the AU metal gives a constant worth to the bearer. No matter what the fluctuation in the worth of the currency may be, your invest remains safe. And perhaps more importantly, the principal of your investment will never lose its value, no matter how much currency it may be worth at any given time.


When will digital currency replace physical currency? The simple answer is “Never”. The reasoning behind that answer is more complex but still worth looking into, even briefly. The instability of the power grid and the susceptibility of all those fancy electronics to a relatively simple Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack … something which results from the discharge of even standard explosives at a high enough altitude and with enough explosive force behind them … means that the entire system is already at risk, at least until such a time as better options may become available. In short; a single, well-placed charge could theoretically disable the vast majority of electronics … including digital currencies and the means to conduct transactions with them. While AU BRD maintains safe and secured backups in locations which are not vulnerable to such attacks, the ability to run the system would be rendered meaningless for as long as it took to restore the system and the people like you once again have the means to utilize that system.


In short, even with AU BRD maintaining the ability to run the system even after an EMP assault, very few people would still have the means available to use that system. There will always be a need for physical currency. Without the devices or any means to continue commercial transactions, the world would quickly devolve into chaos. Still, while physical currency can never be completely replaced, it is not without its vulnerabilities either. As was briefly noted above, the scarcity of supply tends to inflate the values of physical currency artificially while a surplus of that same physical currency will artificially deflate the value. Again, this leaves the end-user vulnerable to the whims, beliefs and actions of politicians and bankers on a global scale.


Thus, bridging the two worlds between Digital and Physical Currency is the only way to ensure that both worlds are always available and provide for the needs of the end-user … you, the AU BRD customer. While the complexities of such a system are enormous, complex and systemic in nature, AU BRD has people working night and day to ensure that even when there are issues, you can continue with all of your transactions never even worrying whether anything happened or not. In short, your investments are available to you in good times and even in bad, when you may need them the most.



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