Equity Investments and Loans

Equity Investments and Loans

Some projects and programs may not qualify for grants for any number of reasons but may still merit funding. In such cases, there are always going to be options that can be reviewed and chosen from. One of the most popular options, especially given the vast, pre-existing customer base, is to use GIDIFA in the role of an Equity Investor who will invest in the corporate entity in exchange for a portion of the holdings of the company or corporation. Such investments are quite common in the world of banking and finance but not overly common for organizations, generally due to the complexities of running numerous business interests. The general exceptions are when one corporation or organization can integrate the additional business interests into their logistics chain. In this regards, the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency is uniquely suited to help virtually any business interest. With well over six-hundred million members globally, GIDIFA can help to add to the bottom line of virtually any business interest. In return, all that is generally required is that a portion of the revenue be contributed towards Humanitarian Concerns.

A company may specialize in a given area and as a result of their profession, develop materials, goods or services that are applicable to the Humanitarian Pursuits of the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency. Perhaps they need funding to pursue that but maybe due to their commercial interests or other concerns, this particular product will not qualify for granting of funds for the necessary research and development. If the Corporate Entity is a viable business interest, GIDIFA may act as an Equity Investor and contribute the necessary funds for the continued research, development and maybe even the necessary production, marketing and distribution costs of the new product … at the same time they are strengthening the corporation itself and opening up new demographics for sales and services.

There are numerous issues individual to the corporate interests and how to run them properly. In the case of a multi-million or multi-billion dollar corporate entity seeking funding, it would be prudent to consider why they are not capable or at least willing to fund their own research. In some cases it may be to bring in additional assets for the corporation and in some, it may have issues to do with an impending insolvency. In the former case, GIDIFA may take a role as relatively small as placing an individual on the board of directors in addition to some equity in the corporation, more to observe than to attempt to steer the direction of the business interest. If the business is having major concerns over financial issues, it may be necessary for GIDIFA to implement a more comprehensive approach before it can agree to invest heavily in what may be, for all intents and purposes, a dying business. While neither one of these scenarios are a guarantee for or against an Equity Investment by GIDIFA, they may give the potential applicant some consideration of what they will have to prepare when seeking such assistance.

In addition to the many benefits of having the added capital to work with, the Corporate Entities that do bring in GIDIFA as an equity investor will also enjoy an immediate increase in customer demographics and client resources. With more than six hundred million members globally, GIDIFA brings unparalleled marketing and sales potential with it. Additionally, the Sovereign status of the GIDIFA communities and the international relations that are already in place, can help virtually any corporation expand on a global scale. 


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