Preamble Bank of North America


Preamble Bank of North America (PBNA), is a Free Zone private bank, with $7 Trillion in Gold & Cash equivalent in

assets, located in Seattle, Washington. PBNA offers Private Banking, Credit Cards, Debt Cards, Investment Banking,

Trading, Forex, Trust, Asset Management and Asset Protection. PBNA also specializes in Treaty Assets, G-7 Assets,

Historical Assets, Heritage Assets, Custodian Assets and Collateral Accounts.



PBNA's servicing the preamble posterity Aborigines of North America. North America covers the Western Hemisphere-

Eastern Hemisphere pursuant to the Secret 1664 Titulo Torrens of North America.



PBNA comes under the 'original jurisdiction' of the Preamble Sovereign Posterity of the General National Government of

The United States of North America, The Republic of North America, in the Family of Nations, according to the Law of




See, e.g., Article 1, § 8, Clause 10, of the “Original 1787” Constitution For The United States of North America.¹



Note: We are “Private Bank”, Not a Retail and Commercial Bank.





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