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Cyber and Technological Communities


All of the Integrated Community Developments of GIDIFA (a UN Specialized Agency) will complete, communal locations and as such, will have large infrastructures along many lines. The concept of focusing entire communities around certain, more limited fields, is simply to make it easier to facilitate both training and trade in those particular areas. For the sake of Cyber and Technological innovation, the common, logistical benefits of such a community will be present as well as the benefit to students in related fields of study. Additionally, there will be a much more valuable reward as well. The accessibility not only to new and innovative technologies, but the ability for a great many experts in similar fields to have ready access to, not only the information, but other experts with pertinent information as well. Education and technology will both play a major role in the evolution of the human species and our shift into the new age of technology and information for the humanitarian betterment of all humankind.

The “Integrated” in the Integrated Community Developments is virtually all-encompassing.

Rather than isolating the poor and the underclass on “that side of town” or “over there” where problems and issues that result in poverty are allowed to fester and spread, the underclass citizens will be more fully integrated into society including the ability to receive education, opportunity, jobs, income, homes and even (and especially) the psychological and sociological assistance that they need to have a chance at success. Corporations will work for the betterment of the community as a whole instead of just working for individual profits that benefit few more than the shareholders. The Corporate entities are more wholly integrated with the Not-For-Profit and NGO type organizations and CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility will be the rule rather than the exception. (Not that there will not still be substantial profits for the corporations to grow and expand, though it will be undertaken via a different approach) Education shall be more fully integrated with expertise and real-world environments as opposed to just merely teaching to the test which has shown to be more than just lacking. A truly Integrated Community Development will allow for the complete and total integration of the entire community, not for the community in particular or even for the corporations or governing bodies, but for each and every individual as well.

One of the most direct benefits for the individuals of the community, as it should be, will be focused on the youth and their access to viable, meaningful education in their respective fields. This is not to say that the entire family will be uprooted and put into a new community every time that the child decides they have an interest in a different subject, but that every effort will be made to allow for families to move into more specialized communities should it be beneficial for them to do so. In some cases where there are multiple children involved and/or when adults are the recipients of the educational opportunities, allowances will be made to allow for them to live in safe and secure environs within the relevant communities … with the support and consent of the family in cases where there is a minor involved and with all due consideration given to adults who may be moving into a new community. Such considerations will include the provision of safe and secure housing and other such benefits.

The principles of the commonality of purpose for the Integrated Community Developments will allow for a better efficiency of logistics insofar as production and shipping similar types of materials. There will of course be a great deal of materials shipped out to other locations as well but the vast majority of similar supplies will be directed into single areas. Such an assemblage of supplies shall allow for much easier access to researchers and technicians who will need those same components for current projects in addition to research and development for new and improved materials and supplies that they will be developing. World class laboratories and research facilities will be part and parcel of each and every Integrated Community Development. The complete and total eradication of poverty in addition the a major shift in the current paradigm is going to require a major focus on education and opportunity as well as technological advancement and for that reason alone, the Cyber and Technological Integrated Community Developments will all focus on education, research, development, analysis and the search for new and improved methods in virtually every area of study. GIDIFA is one of many Specialized Agencies of the United Nations focusing on the development of Infrastructure for people around the world.  



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