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Technologies and new Innovations are paramount to the success of the Community Development humanitarian projects from GIDIFA under the Honorable Angel Ferdinand Marcos. It was once said that people do not need jobs, but they do need an income. Until now, that has meant effectively punishing those who produce while rewarding others who do not. The original “Plan of the Experts” as it was established provided for a similar circumstance while rewarding the producers, not punishing them. Given its role in implementing the original Plan of the Experts, GIDIFA has established a Humanitarian Program that provides for everyone while at the same time, rewarding those who are productive and contribute to society. The new technologies and innovations that will be undertaken by GIDIFA and the Honorable Secretary General Angel Ferdinand Marcos will simply help to make certain that everyone enjoys a better life and more importantly, that everyone enjoys a better quality of life while at the same time, enjoying the fruits of their own labors.


Automation is already impacting work in virtually every sector from the most menial of tasks to the most advanced trading platforms on Wall Street and nearly every job category in between. Fast food restaurants are already opening up with a minimal number of employees. Some consideration needs to be granted in order to be certain that people have a paycheck regardless of whether or not they can find gainful employment. There are even factories now where robots are building other robots. Automation is not going anywhere anytime soon and it may eventually take over the vast majority of the jobs that are currently done by people. Such a possibility is not altogether unforeseen and certainly not an impossibility with the rapid growth of technology being developed these days.


What will happen to the people of the world when technology does finally take over may lead some to picture dystopian scenarios where automated robots seek to destroy humankind, but others are quite the opposite in nature. It is possible that, once all of the work can be fully automated, the human race will be able to focus more time on even more growth, technology and innovative approaches to a much brighter future. It would be very feasible to make the claim that what happens to the human race as a result of technology and innovation in the future depends almost entirely on what is done in regards to technology and innovation today. Current efforts with the research and development of technology and innovation is the key to successfully harnessing the benefits while minimizing any risks for the future generations.


There are a great many individuals and organizations crying out about automation and its impact on the ability of people to find jobs. In days of old, there were a great many people decrying the introduction of the automobile as well … especially among the many craftsmen who made buggies and tack. Just like in the past when all of the complaints in the world, nothing could stop the industrial revolution from bursting through, so today, all the outrage and complaints will do nothing to stop the onslaught of the technical revolution. Rather than run from the inevitable, why not focus on ways to harness and utilize technology and to make it work for the human race rather than against them? Harnessing and utilizing the power of automation should greatly increase the ability to produce while at the same time greatly depleting the need for workers. Is it possible to make that a good thing? That depends on what happens during the Technological Revolution and how we as a species utilize the new and more innovative technologies. Does it not?



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