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Global Infrastructure, Development & International Finance Agency


One of the primary goals of GIDIFA is the creation of Communities within the Philippines and around the World. While each of these communities shall share traits in common, they will be categorized according to their primary functions in an effort to provide a more complete infrastructure and more symbiotic relationships within their respective host nations. This social infrastructure is equally important for the strengthening of nations as the physical infrastructure that keeps the nation running as ultimately, the nation is nothing more than the sum of the people within its borders. As such, it is absolutely imperative that the people within any nation have every opportunity available to improve their personal lives and through that, to strengthen the nation as a whole. Each GIDIFA community shall remain wholly and completely sovereign so as to avoid any undue influence from any political source and as such, can focus the work on efforts to assist all of the people equally.

Integrated Communities and Base (Or Common) Infrastructure

  • GIDIFA Housing 
  • Hospitals and/or Clinics

  • Research (and Development) Facilities

  • Educational Institutions

  • Orphanages

  • Home for the elderly and infirm

  • Banking and/or Financial Institutions

  • Police and/or Security forces

  • Fire Departments

  • Alternative Energy Facilities

  • GIDIFA Offices

  • GIDIFA Corporate Entities (Production, Industrial and other such business as may be beneficial to the development and sustainability of the community in addition to the provision of vocational training and opportunities for the individuals within the community)

Categorical Listing of GIDIFA Communities


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