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Physical Infrastructure and Development through GIDIFA under the guidance and leadership of the Honorable Angel Ferdinand Marcos will be handled in a number of different ways. Public/Private Partnership or PPP agreements are one method that has proven to be very popular. Some Infrastructure Development will take place through Joint Ventures and some will work on the basis of Build/Own/Operate (BOO) and some will be developed through Build/Own/Transfer (BOT). Whether they are GIDIFA Programs or GIDIFA Funded Projects, the Infrastructure Development will be key to building opportunities, building unified communities and ultimately, bringing the world together as a single race for the benefit of all the people.


Who actually owns and runs the projects for the Infrastructure and Development will vary depending on the overall community project and far too many other factors to be discussed in detail in any single article. What is preferable though, is the establishment of new infrastructure from the ground up. This makes all of the community development projects through GIDIFA unique in most cases, as they will have the option to build virtually the entire community from the ground up.


When it is necessary to disrupt the current infrastructure and most especially, the service of utilities to large numbers of people in an urban environment, the complaints and costs rise dramatically, even if those services were not all that great to begin with. As such, it is difficult to reconstruct the infrastructure for an entire, existing urban center. In the early phases of construction and developmnent it will be possible … necessary even, to go in and create everything from the ground up. The majority of the families who are initially involved with the construction process may have to endure some hardships, though they will certainly be amply rewarded for their efforts. Still, there is an additional advantage here, one that cannot be overlooked as well.


Many of the technologies we are using are a hundred years old or even much older in many cases. New innovations and new technologies are available in a great many fields but are not yet implemented due to the excessive costs and the inconvenience in heavily populated areas. As new communities are being built, especially those in more isolated locations, it is much easier to integrate these new technologies without any disruption to the existing services. This is even more beneficial in order to provide “real-world” proof of new technologies and their ability to function and provide the utilities and/or services that are needed under normal use. Many of these programs are conducted in cooperation with Universities and independent experts and as such, the support and maintenance is often provided for in an exceptional manner and with some truly amazing expert assistance.


Physical Infrastructure covers a wide range of projects including roads and bridges, buildings, utilities and much more, but by building the communities from the ground up, new infrastructure technologies can be integrated into the system without the need for any costly or inconvenient delays or added expenses. GIDIFA Programs and even the GIDIFA Sponsored Projects approved by the Honorable Angel Ferdinand Marcos are specifically designed to help us all to create a better tomorrow and a better future for our children and our posterity.



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