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Global Port Communities

The Global Port Communities for the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency will be the central hubs for the purposes of International Trade by and between the GIDIFA Integrated Community Developments around the globe. The layout and design for these communities is still being discussed and debated so that the overall construction will lead to a community that is just as sustainable socially as it is environmentally and financially. Apart from their role in the field of logistics, these communities will also house a great many research facilities for Oceanography. Together, these areas of focus will provide literally tens of thousands of jobs for formerly homeless and other underclass individuals around the world.

Given their role in International Trade, these port facilities will not only be busy, but the proving grounds for the homeless and underclass citizens from around the globe. While GIDIFA prides itself on its focus on technology, research and development, nothing moves until some person at the very top or some person at the very bottom makes it happen. While it is believed that a great many of the underclass citizens of the world will in fact do very well given the alternative education systems set in place, some people are going to feel that they are too old, they are too uncomfortable with or just are not capable of learning from books and more traditional (if alternative) educational systems. For these people, vocational training is going to be one of the keys and the port cities will be full of opportunities even for low-skilled workers who otherwise have very little choice in regards to employment opportunities.

By its very definition and title, it should be readily apparent that the port communities will have shipping ports but these will not be just any ports. All of the ports will be deep-water ports and the facilities will also include deep-water marinas, deep-water dry dock facilities and eventually, open-water fish farms and other facilities for the purposes of Oceanographic research, studies, analysis and the development of programs for the oceans and aquatic biology. Among these facilities will be world-class research laboratories and hopefully, in the very near future, a series of underwater facilities for the purposes of deep water research and analysis as well as testing and experimentation stations. Such programs are a necessary part of ridding the oceans of trash, garbage, mercury and other harmful substances and even the many issues dealing with the acidification of the oceans. All of the earth’s resources are precious, including the oceans but sadly, to date, not nearly enough research has been properly funded or followed up with testing and improvements or even attempts at reclamation. These ports and additional oceanic and open-water facilities will create literally thousands of jobs in all of the port communities for everyone from the intellectual to the engineer to the intern to the formerly homeless and underclass citizens.  

Airports and aircraft are also necessary for the purposes of International Trade. In the case of the Port Communities, not only will there be Airports, but also flight schools, schools for avionics and aircraft maintenance and repair but also helicopter taxis, helicopters for ambulance service, search and rescue facilities and teams and a host of other related corporate entities and civic activities. Again, this will facilitate the creation of thousands of more jobs with even more opening for students and interns in both scholastic and vocational fields of study. Add in the educational institutions, hospitals, orphanages, homes for the aged and infirm and the end result is a bustling, sustainable community whose primary intent will always remain focused on developing and improving the lives of the formerly impoverished citizens of the world.

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