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It is not enough to claim that any institution or system has failed. If there are no viable alternatives and no solutions being offered, it boils down to little more than a complaint. There is an abundant amount of evidence that the current educational system has failed not only the students, but society as a whole. Fortunately, there are a great many solutions, not the least of which is a change in the way that students are educated. Teaching to the test in reality, teaches little more than “repeat after me” and rote memorization. Among the most critical skills that are missing in the educational system today are studies in “Critical Thinking”, “Problem Solving” and “common-sense logic”. (“Common logic as in common sense and as opposed to more advanced courses in Logic) These courses are among the most prevalent differences in the Educational Approach taken by GIDIFA under the guidance of the Honorable Angel Ferdinand Marcos, whether through actual GIDIFA educational programs or through GIDIFA Sponsored Educational Projects.


A “classical” education does place a focus on the proverbial three “R”s … readin', writin' and 'rithmetic … but it also places a focus on certain “life-skills” or skills that are going to be useful, beneficial and even necessary in life. Unfortunately, most of the educational systems across the globe fail to teach these skills at all, much less to teach them at a level where they are actually useful and beneficial to the student. In what should be noted only as a very brief over-simplification of the issue, take a moment to think about math for a moment. It may be a situation where it is necessary to figure out how much concrete needs to be ordered or how much livestock feed or how much fertilizer needs to be used. The fact is that math is a regular necessity throughout the life of everyone.


How one comes up with the solution is not nearly as important as coming up with the proper solution. Different people are going to learn in different ways and use different methods for coming up with the correct answer. The educational system must be designed in such a way that students with different skills who learn differently, will still be given the opportunity to learn in their own way, but it is equally important that the person is capable of figuring out how to come up with the ability to examine different methods of coming up with the proper solutions to any of the problems they may face at any given time, not just in the field of mathematics.


Fortunately, the same or similar methods of logical progression … or common sense as it were, can be utilized in order to allow the student to look at a set of given facts or figures and take the next logical step in a progression until they arrive at a solution to whatever that problem may be. Despite the term common sense, this is not actually a common subject of study or a common factor in a large part of the world today. As students progress, more advanced concepts and ideas and even facts and figures can be given to them from within an educational system replete with the help they will need to learn how to solve virtually any problem that life may toss their way.


The combination of classical education in conjunction with a more “hands-on” approach as practiced by the GIDIFA educational systems under the guidance of the Honorable Angel Ferdinand Marcos will provide the students with all of the necessary skill sets to think their way out of virtually any challenges in life.




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