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Education is one of the most important keys in the fight to eradicate the scourge of poverty from the face of this earth. Across much of the third world, education

remains out-of-reach for the poorest of families and even in nations where education is “free”, it remains cost-prohibitive. The “standards” for education remain

questionable at best and “teaching to the test” has proven to be less than an ideal solution for providing people with global skill-sets that they can actually utilize in

real-world environments.


Many of the educational programs that are being funded first will focus on Cloud-based technologies that allow for the students to study virtually any course no

matter where they may be. Online educational support groups and services will be necessary for such projects as well, so will also be considered. Programs that

build schools will be considered but programs that will implement new and improved educational systems are preferable. These educational systems must meet

current educational standards but again, it is preferable if they reach beyond the current limitations in place in most educational institutions.


Vocational Programs are also sadly lacking in the world today. Virtually all of the Corporate, Production and Industrial ventures owned in whole or in part by GIDIFA

will be used to provide jobs for those who are unable or otherwise incapable of finding work. This will be done with a comprehensive Vocational Studies program.

However, this is just one approach and given the vast number of the people of the world living in poverty, there will be many more solutions needed.


If the approach laid out in the proposal promotes education, training, job placement or any other similar field or endeavor, this is probably the right category to start

looking for Project Funding from GIDIFA, a Specialized Agency of the United Nations.






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Tutors and Tutoring

Cyber and Electronic Curricula

Computers and Technology

Cloud Platforms for Education

Environmental Education

Curriculum Research

Agricultural Education

Environmental Education

Environmental Research

Alternative Educational Systems

Critical Thinking Skills and Training

Jobs Training and Placement

Living History Projects Educational Programming    



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