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Alternative Educational Systems

Education is by all rights, the key to not only the eradication of poverty but for the technological (and spiritual?) evolution of the human species. Unfortunately … tragically even, there are far too many people in the world who will never have the opportunity to enjoy even a rudimentary education, much less advanced programs. The Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency is a UN Specialized Agency focusing extensively on the education of the people of the world. It is only when the people of the world are well-educated that they can win their freedom and build (a) better world(s) for tomorrow. It is not enough however, just to offer rudimentary education to most or even all of the people of the world, then to just stand back and hope for the best. Education has to be radically changed if it is to be the tool that it can … and should be to change the world for the better.

“Teaching to the test” is one of the most common means of teaching children in the world today. While this method of teaching has proven to be more effective in helping otherwise disadvantaged children to graduate, it has not done them justice when it comes to providing real-world skills. Such a method of education has also shown to be disadvantageous for the more advanced students and holds far too many back, preventing them from ever reaching their full potential. In the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds, a Sociologist by the name of Rudolf Steiner made some amazing progress in the realm of “real-world” education. This practice is still in place in some areas and where it is being utilized, it has shown an amazing potential for increasing graduation rates in addition to helping all of the students to excel in their selected fields of study. There is no suggestion that this is the only Alternative means of education but it is certainly a good indicator of what is being looked for and what types of projects are being sought for funding.

Many similar programs have also been designed that, like the Steiner method, utilize a combination of a Classical Education with real-world experience as well as vocational training methods to supplement the Scholastic Education. It is also important to have a very strong focus on the curricula and developing the individual curriculum with the student in mind. Any and all of the Educational Programs and Projects that place a focus on the individual student will be given preference as it is believed that this is the best way to produce positive, real-world and long-term results. In order to accomplish this, it is going to be very important to have the proper tools to assist the students with selecting a curriculum that will be individually suited to their personal needs. This is going to mean the introduction of Aptitude Batteries to help establish in which fields the individual will have a better likelihood of success.

GIDIFA uses a very specific and highly specialized Aptitude Battery for a great many of its programs, for individual students and for other purposes which are too numerous to mention in detail here. While this approach has shown to be very effective in some locations, it remains lacking in others. When languages are expansive and precise, these Aptitude Batteries work fine, but getting them to work with some of the more limited languages has proven to be a challenge. It may be possible to develop a more effective … or at least equally effective Aptitude Battery that is not so language specific … or more accurately perhaps, does not rely so heavily on any language to produce accurate and meaningful results. How does one test the aptitude of someone who has never held a pen or paper or learned how to read or write? There are numerous instances of just such people though, especially throughout the third-world countries and developing nations, who have an amazing aptitude for other fields of study. A person who cannot read or write can (and has on many occasions) prove(n) to be capable of looking at complex machinery, systems or other trade items and being able to understand them completely. It is imperative that programs can be developed to encompass everyone and help all people to improve their situation in life.

There are historically a great many cases where individuals with little or no real scholastic ability have proven to be quite capable in other fields. These people need to have every possible opportunity open to them as well. While Aptitude Batteries may indicate where the majority of their opportunities are, they will not provide any real-world or paying opportunity for these people. While some people may question the Integration of Corporations and Not-For-Profits as have been established by GIDIFA, in most of these cases, these corporate entities will be utilized for the purposes of Vocational Training and paid opportunities for many of the individuals who would not be very likely to benefit from a more scholastic approach. In these cases, not only do people get real-world experience, a regular paycheck and an opportunity to look at the potential for advancement in their particular fields.

Conversely, there are many fields that entail a great deal of scholastic studies and research. Philosophy, the hard sciences, (particularly in the areas of research, analysis and development) and even for those who would study to be teachers and/or tutors. Many of these fields can focus initially on the classical education while at the same time, more advanced classes in their respective fields can be a focus of new educational institutions and/or new disciplines in their respective educational realms.

Alternative Education is not so much about finding new ways to teach the same old subjects, This is especially true when the only objective is to shove more people through the system without teaching them any more viable skills and worse yet, holding other students back at the same time, preventing them from reaching anywhere near their full potential. While it may seem impossible to imagine, the fact is that this is a new reality around the globe. Alternative Education Programs and Projects should be about increasing the ability of the lesson to be tailored to meet the needs of the individual student. These are the programs that will be the most preferred and receive the best chance of funding by the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency.

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