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Given the fact that education is so important for the eradication of poverty in the world, it is somewhat disturbing that more effort has not been made to provide people with the education that they need to help them at the individual level. If that was not bad enough, the disparity in the levels and types of education that are available are substantial enough to foment social division based on little more than the geographic areas wherein someone just happens to be born. The solutions are going to require a great many different applications put together in a more systemic approach in order to address all of the difficulties and obstacles collectively and comprehensively. The first step is going to be making sure that each and every person around the globe has access to education in the first place.

Negotiations have already taken place and everything has been set up to provide a wide range of educational tools, courses and other learning aids in electronic format so that it is accessible anywhere that has electrical power, laptops and/or any other means of producing and displaying digital content. The content, once digitalized, will be placed on discs, on servers and data storage units and stored utilizing cloud technologies so that each and every person around the globe has access to a complete range of curricula no matter what their field of study may be. While it may seem rather restrictive based as it is on the presence of electrical power and/or computers, a close look should be taken at the other efforts of the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency to insure that electrical power and computers with internet access are available to all of the people of the world. In fact, one of the first projects of GIDIFA involves the distribution of roughly seven-hundred and fifty million laptops in the first phase of this program.

The laptops will be pre-loaded with basic educational materials but will not by any means be complete in the beginning. There is no way to accurately predict the future growth and development of individuals within a community and even less reason to try to restrict the opportunities to the people within the communities where the laptops will be distributed. The initial run of seven hundred and fifty million laptops is based on one-tenth of the world’s population. Since, depending on which figures you believe, anywhere from forty to eighty percent of the world’s population lives in poverty, ten percent is barely scratching the surface but it is a start. Additional programs regarding Alternative Energy and more specifically, those programs to provide basic utilities, appliances and other modern conveniences to the more isolated regions of the world, will also make these regions prime locations for the introduction of tools and viable educational opportunities for the local populations.

The introduction of electrical power, refrigeration, safe and secured water supplies with proper drainage and wastewater treatment in addition to the provision of safe and secure housing and even government and GIDIFA “outreach” facilities will all combine to provide a more complete environment. This new environment will insure that the tools in use are being put to full use and producing the maximum benefits possible. Having an entire learning platform, a safe, secure and even comfortable new home in addition to a full support team to assist in every aspect of the educational process should see quick and positive results from these programs.

Full support staffing will be available through the utilization of the many different technologies in play. This means that when a child or their parent has a difficult time figuring out that latest mathematical equation, there will always be somebody to turn to online. Most of this help, especially that which is more language specific, will be available for only a limited time on the local level though additional assistance in the more common languages will be available virtually all of the time. However, many of the more isolated students may not have any real exposure to the more common languages or be able to speak or understand at the levels that are necessary to actually be assisted to the extent it is necessary. Additionally, their local schedules, often times continuing to work as productive and contributing members of the familial unit will prevent them from completing all of their school work during the time periods when help is available.

One of the many functions of the Integrated Community Developments by the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency shall be to train those individuals who will work as advisors … or guidance counsellors of a sort to help the students in areas where they may be lacking or having difficulties. While these individuals will not necessarily be skilled in every aspect of the courses they are assisting with, they will have been properly trained in problem solving, critical thinking and other skills that should help them to work their way through most of the minor issues. This training will be in addition to basic training in the different areas that are going to be more common among all of the students such as those areas of Classical Education that will be taught. There may also be other courses more specific to the location where they are living based on the local customs, environments and other issues that need to be considered when establishing the basic curricula for that area. Once trained, these counsellors will serve as local liaisons and assist the students and other efforts from GIDIFA as may be necessary for the benefit of everyone involved and when they are not available, online help will be.   

The combination of available curricula, laptops for the people who do not have access to viable and proper educational opportunities mixed in with the provision of sustainable energies, vocational opportunities in sustainable areas and all of the necessary means for the support and stability of these programs should be a very good start. As more and more programs become available and as more and more Integrated Community Developments are established, more and more opportunities will open up for the formerly homeless and other underclass citizens of the world. Eventually, the median quality of life will be raised for all of the people of the world.


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