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Like so many of the humanitarian projects under the Honorable Angel Ferdinand Marcos and/or funded by GIDIFA, the educational institutions created will be varied in nature and design … with the common ground being given to each and every one of the students no matter what their status in life may be. The educational institutions as established by Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency will be free to the indigenous people, the underclass citizens and to all of the residents of the Integrated Community Developments established by, for and/or on behalf of GIDIFA under the Honorable Angel Ferdinand Marcos. This introduction to the Educational Institutions is only a look at a single program that is funded by GIDIFA.


In these educational institutions, there will be a major focus in the areas of technology, innovation, automation, research, development, critical thinking, problem-solving and logic. Further efforts are currently underway to place all of the educational curricula on to a Cloud-based platform in order to allow the students to study virtually anywhere, no matter their condition or location. In this way, whether the students are living and learning in the deepest, most-remote jungle location or studying while exploring potential career choices, each and every student will have access to the same world-class education. It is however, foreseen that education is not the end-all means to the introduction to a new paradigm so the educational institutions will also be more fully integrated with other relevant areas in addition to certain institutions providing a central, coordinated location for the pursuit of advanced studies, fully integrated into the surrounding community for a more mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship.


Each and every University shall have departments for Medical. Along with this will be three other facilities to work in cooperation with the hospitals associated with the Medical College for the University (Community) system. Each and every community shall have at least one Orphanage, one home for the elderly and infirm and one home for the mentally handicapped. These are all individually, areas where chronic abuse has taken place. Children are among the most commonly exploited commodity in the world while the elderly and infirm in addition to those who are mentally challenged are all subject to far too much abuse. In an effort not only to provide these services free, (or with a one-percent co-pay) but also to give everyone the necessary assurance that all of these people have access to regular medical checkups and care and any signs of abuse will be immediately noticeable and actionable by the community. The correlation with the educational facilities extends to the medical staff learning at the University Medical College and more notably, to the orphans, infirm and even the elderly … and in some limited cases, the mentally handicapped to provide them all with a viable, world-class education.


Under the current, global educational system, education is prohibitively expensive, especially in terms of graduate and post-graduate courses. In much of the third-world and in many developing nations, even the costs for the most basic and rudimentary education is beyond the reach of those families that are truly impoverished. The end-result is far too many families wherein multiple generations are lacking the education that they need to get any type of meaningful employment. As such, these families fall deeper and deeper in a never-ending cycle of poverty that leaves them dependent on government handouts and/or the good nature of the people around them, be they friends, families or strangers.


There are a great many benefits to having a cloud-based curricula replete with the educational system necessary to implement such a program. Among these is a greatly reduced need for specialized teachers and professors. People with a general knowledge of the subject material can get the students started and headed in the right direction precluding the need for expensive teachers and professors and allowing those that are skilled in their respective fields to work within the private sector. These people would be further supplemented by the utilization of more experienced and skilled experts in centralized locations who would be available, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to provide more exact assistance to the students. Initial contact would be made by live support who would then provide either a direct line to a conference call between the expert and the student(s) or schedule an appointment wherein the two could conference and resolve any issues of concern.


In the current educational model, children are grouped together regardless of interests, herded off on a “field trip” wherein they may get a couple of hours listening to some expert while their friends play and distract them, not sharing any of their interest or curiosity in such endeavors. With students who are grouped together by virtue of their aptitude battery results, selected fields of interest and other criteria, the students will be allowed more opportunity to pursue their scholastic studies for few hours each day, but in locations focusing on their particular fields of interest. The cloud-based educational systems in addition to the establishment of corporate and “real-world” facilities for just such opportunities will allow the students to live and “work” with pre-determined materials and equipment in fields of interest wherein they have shown the ability and desire to learn. The actual amount of time the students will be allowed/able to “work” in such environments has yet to be determined but it is not believed to be less than a month during the current discussions.


This is just one example of the types of educational institutions being implemented in the humanitarian projects being implemented by GIDIFA under the guidance of the Honorable Angel Ferdinand Marcos, but look for more variations soon.



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