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Educational Community Centers

There will be a great many communities focused primarily on education, educational centers will be in each and every community that is developed and built by, for and on behalf of the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency. These educational centers will focus on the integration of a K-12 Educational system across the globe with new Global Standards being implemented, tested and improved upon within these communities. The key differences will be the utilization of highly specialized aptitude batteries to provide each and every individual with a better understanding of which fields they will have a fair chance of being successful in, the complete customization of the curricula for each and every student and a variant of the Steiner approach to education with a combination of classical education, vocational training and scholastic approaches.

GIDIFA Educational Testing Centers

Testing Centers will be the primary facilities for the testing of each and every individual. It is imperative to test all of the children before individual educational standards are established for them but it is equally important not to discount the parents and/or other adults as may move into the communities as well. This holds especially true for those (formerly) Underclass citizens who have never had the benefit of a viable education or training. History is full of examples of people who have developed very innovative and beneficial technologies without the benefit of a formal education. Sadly however, the world is also full of people who will never have the ability or opportunity to develop those technologies without the benefit of those projects and programs as are being developed and implemented by GIDIFA.

Testing Centersi will be located in each of the Educational Communities as well as strategically placed in other Integrated Community Developments where a more specialized and perhaps hands-on approach may be required. In such cases whereas an Internship may be necessary such as is the case in many of the Engineering and Medical Fields, the testing centers will be located in communities with a focus on those areas in order to provide the most opportunity for people who are studying in such fields. Internships will be available in virtually all of the Corporate Entities established within the GIDIFA communities. The Corporate Entities shall serve as role models of CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility in many different aspects not the least of which will be providing jobs, direct financial support to the other local and international GIDIFA Integrated Community Developments as well as providing real-world environments for Vocational and Internship programs for those who will be the next generation of innovators, developers and even the world leaders of tomorrow.

The GIDIFA Educational Approach

The Educational approach being taken by GIDIFA involves a rather interesting mix of Classical, Vocational and Scholastic programs. The major difference is that it is centered around being able to fully individualize the educational needs and curricula for each and every student around the globe. Efforts are currently underway and (Conditional) Memorandums of Agreement have already been signed with the necessary groups to accomplish such a seemingly impossible task.ii Once this has been accomplished, the necessary coursework will be provided to the studentsiii for their recommended and/or selected courses of study. Course Curriculum assistance and tutelage will be available online via the Cloud Technology so that live help will be available to the students twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Educational Centers will also serve as locations where live assistance can be found, though this may be limited to the Corporate Entities and/or the Educational Institutions that have been established within these communities.

i Testing Centers will be utilized for testing individuals for educational customization and for the purposes of testing upon the completion of curricular studies. Eventually, students will be able to study anywhere in the world at their own pace through a system of Distance Learning. At this stage, testing centers will serve as central locations for the controlled environment testing of students who believe that they have the necessary knowledge to pursue efforts in their selected field of study or to move on to internship or other hands-on training programs.

ii There are two Major Corporate Interests who are looking at the development of such an approach but lack the required funding, resources or means to implement it on a scale large enough to be viable for more complete development and implementation. The Integrated Community Development Projects from the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency seem in every respect to be the ideal testing grounds. However, until such a time as the funding is fully resourced and available, they wish to remain anonymous so that their continued research and development can be conducted without pause or concern.

iii GIDIFA is currently working with numerous groups around the globe including educational institutions and professional curricula developers to create a complete offering of available courses on CD and on Personal Laptops that will be provided for the purposes of individual study and even distance learning. In this way, even people who select to remain in more isolated or rural environments can still enjoy the benefits of a full, quality education. 


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