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What: 10,000 Hectare Ultra-Modern Community Development in Cooperation with the Local Indigenous Tribes and Tribal Leaders
Where: Near Clark Sub-Zone (Indigenous Lands)

Brief: The Local Indigenous Tribal Leaders in cooperation with GIDIFA have signed on with Landlock Natural Paving Inc., JACEM Merchandising Inc., Sotieri Philippines, Green Energy Fund, Pacific Asia Philippines AFM Corporation and Volkert Global Design and Engineering Firm. Volkert Global will be the Program Management Firm for this and similar projects. The project here is for the development of ten thousand hectares of Land in the Clark Sub-Zone for the creation of an ultramodern, state-of-the-art community. This project will create thousands of short-term and long-term jobs, eco-tourism, increased local tax-revenues and many other benefits to the Filipino people locally and nationally.

The Release: GIDIFA, Landlock Natural Paving Inc., JACEM Merchandising Inc., Sotieri Philippines, Green Energy Fund, Pacific Asia Philippines AFM Corporation and Volkert Global Design and Engineering Firm, have teamed up to develop and build a state-of-the-art, ultra-modern community development near the Clark Sub Zone. This community will be unique in a number of ways.

    Housing within the community will be provided as part of the overall compensation package for the local indigenous people along with the poor and indigent. Health and Medical care and education will be provided at a very small portion of current costs for all of the residents of the community. The Health and Medical Facility will also include homes for the aged, infirm and orphanages where interaction will be supervised and encouraged to provide mentoring and socialization for both the old and neglected and the young and impressionable. Additional contemporary facilities will be added for the benefit of the mentally challenged, all fully subsidized and provided to the residents of the community at little or no cost.

    The community will be fully developed on a four thousand hectare parcel of land while six thousand hectares will be set aside for the purposes of ecological preservation. Eco-parks and the natural environment will be supplemented through the integration of advanced educational institutions with a focus on research and development, the environment, technology and innovation, automation and of course, on the environment and sustainability.

    Inside the community, in addition to the advanced medical and educational systems, there will be many different venues for entertainment. Among these will be modern sports and intramural facilities for professional sports events and Philippine students alike. Further venues for entertainment will include a water-park/underwater-park, theme-park and an entertainment and shopping complex unparallelled anywhere else in the world. A total of one hundred thousand homes will be built in this, the first such community to be built. Two hundred more Green, Sustainable, ecologically-friendly communities are planned for development in the Philippines and around the globe. Each and every home in these communities will be supplied with stable, secure, alternative energy and even high-speed internet access. All of these utilities and services will be provided for free or at a very small cost to the residents of the community. The safety and security of the citizenry will of course be a paramount concern as well. Streets and other areas of public usage will be lit with the most modern lighting technologies. Additionally, all of the Police, Fire, EMS and first responders will be equipped with all of the latest and greatest tools of their respective trades.

    Currently, a Build/Design Tender is underway to seek out the best architectural design for the public and private facilities that have not already been designed. The top three designers in each field will be eligible for rewards to include cash and even housing within the community itself. The initial payment for this project in an amount of one-billion US Dollars has already been secured in Escrow leaving only the work of the engineers, developers and managers to finalize all of the necessary and requisite reports and studies before actual construction begins. As the development of this community proceeds, other locations will be selected throughout the Philippines and around the globe for the development of other, similar safe, secure and ultra-modern communities.

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