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GIDIFA Hospitals and Clinics

    Hospitals and Clinics may seem pretty self-explanatory but it is important to remember that the underlying goals of GIDIFA are to help to transform the world into a more mutually beneficial, sustainable environment (including the way we as humans think) about the world and our surroundings as well as concerning other people within the world. The differences in outward appearance may be miniscule but the operations of the GIDIFA Hospitals and clinics will be an entirely new operation designed not only to treat the people, but to give the people an option in how they are treated and to create a viable facility for the research and development of new, more holistic approaches to healing and patient care.

    Medical and Health Care will initially require a one-percent co-pay from all of the residents and citizens of the GIDIFA communities. This co-payment plan shall be necessary to prevent the clinics especially, but also the hospitals from becoming inundated with patients each and every time they have an in-grown toenail or something equally benign. Health Insurance will still be available though the actual infrastructure for the Health Care policies has not as of yet been established as of the time of this writing.

    While the operational costs of the hospitals and clinics can be covered through an integration of the Financial Systems put in place by GIDIFA and through the return from the implementation of programs of Corporate Social Responsibility on the part of the corporate entities within these communities, such returns are not seen as a viable option for the provision of a sufficient level of funding to pursue the Research and Development that is needed. To this end, Research and Development facilities will also be a prominent part of the Corporate and Technical aspect of all of the communities with a primary focus on medical and health care. State of the Art research facilities will be built under the guidance of medical professionals and research specialists so as to insure they are adequately prepared to quite literally, cure the ills of the world in which we live.

    Medical and Health Care communities will also serve as Trauma Centers for the more serious injuries that may occur. To facilitate such a setup, it will be necessary to have numerous types of ambulance services available for transporting patients locally as well as for transporting the more seriously injured patients from farther away. Helicopters will play a primary role in the transportation of the more seriously injured patients and these helicopters will be based within these communities. Another type of ambulance and rescue vehicle will be the AN2 aircraft. While they may not be as ideally suited or able to replace the role of the Helicopter ambulance, they do have unique properties that still make them ideally suited for this role.

    The AN2 is a very solid aircraft and while it may be difficult for some people to fly and uses a bit more fuel than other similar aircraft, its many benefits far outweigh any negative aspects of the use of this aircraft especially in the Medical and Health Care communities. The AN2 has a bi-plane or dual-wing configuration that allows it to fly at extremely low speeds while maintaining a sufficient amount of lift to keep it aloft. Additionally, it can easily be fitted with pontoons to allow for take-offs and landings on the water should the surface be smooth enough. Allowing that the oceans may be too rough for landing, the low speeds still allow the plane to be utilized for dumping life vests, life rafts and even supplies to those people who may be stranded … in the water or in areas stricken by disaster where land, ground and water transportation of a more traditional manner may not have immediate access.  Its durability, heavy load capacity and minimal requirements for take-off and landing make the AN2 an ideal solution for air search and rescue and again, these craft will be housed within the communities built primarily for the purpose of medical and health care treatments.

    Holistic treatments are sometimes sought but not readily available. There is also precious little research going on in the area of Holistic Medicine and Holistic Healing. The GIDIFA Medical and Health Care communities will have Holistic Centers in addition to continual research and development of the more natural methods of treatment. Holistic Healing may not always be the best answer, but it is imperative that if this is the option that people select, that there are viable methods of treatment available to them.

    Once the educational system of GIDIFA is fully operational, students from all around the globe will be able to study whatever their preferred courses are from virtually anywhere. Testing centers will be established so that there is some insurance that the students have actually learned what they have been studying. However, it is often necessary not only to have the proper tutilage available, but many jobs require hands on and practical experience as well. The field of medicine is unquestionably one where it will be necessary for each and every student to perform an internship before they can be turned loose to practice on their own.

    The Medical and Health Care Communities from GIDIFA will serve as viable, real-world locations where the medical interns can learn their trade and begin plying their skills. As with all of the communities, the many Corporate Entities within the GIDIFA communities will also serve as training grounds for the vocationally adept and vocational training will take place in most … if not all of the businesses within these communities. However, such a practice does seem especially important in regards to medical and healthcare treatment given the consequences of a lack of training.

    Like all of the community development projects from GIDIFA, the Medical and Health Care Communities will be a complex and fully integrated system in and of itself. It should be wholly sustainable and not only provide for the people within the community itself, but throughout the local areas if not at the national and even international levels.

Asset Redemption Program

           Asset Redemption

    While there are many Specialized Agencies of the United Nations tasked with various functions in regards to Humanitarian Causes, Infrastructure, Development and even matters of Global Finance, GIDIFA is the only one duly Authorized to run the Historical Asset..


GIDIFA Educational Programs

Educational Programs
        Educational Programs

    Education is one of the primary keys in the eradication of poverty around the globe. Unfortunately, the educational systems that are available in far too many locations are more than just lacking. One of the primary focuses of GIDIFA is the provision of viable.


GIDIFA Construction Programs

Innovative Construction Technologies
Innovative Construction Technologies

The Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency uses a wide array of state-of-the-art and innovative Construction Technologies for a great many purposes. Among the most important considerations are safe and secure housing.

GIDIFA Orphanages

Ending Poverty and Homelessness
Ending Poverty and Homelessness

 As one of the United Nations Specialized Agencies tasked with ending poverty and homelessness around the world, the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency is working to drastically change the way that orphans are cared for,

Indigenous and Tribal Programs

Indigenous and Tribal Programs
Indigenous and Tribal Programs

  The situation for the Indigenous People of the world is unique by some standards though they have much in common with many of the underclass and overlooked citizens all around the globe. While there may be some cases where the...

Cyber and Technological Communities

Technological Communities
  Technological Communities

 All of the Integrated Community Developments of GIDIFA (a UN Specialized Agency) will complete, communal locations and as such, will have large infrastructures along many lines. The concept of focusing entire communities around certain, more limited fields, ...

Global Infrastructure, Development & International Finance Agency

    Originally established in 1994, the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency was established as a Sovereign Entity and Specialized Agency to create and implement a more equitable method for the distribution and supply of wealth among all of the peoples of the world in accordance and compliance with the instruments set forth as International Treaties.