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25 February, 2017


    This is an official document of Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency (GIDIFA) from the desk of its Secretary General, Honorable Angel Ferdinand Marcos. Copies of these records will be stored in the official archives of GIDIFA.

    The Educational Grant Policy is to ensure that grants are made available to those Recipients who are deemed to be eligible for educational assistance based on the policies, terms and conditions as set forth and established by GIDIFA.


  1. Recipient is deemed eligible and receives a Certificate of Grant from GIDIFA, duly signed.

  1. A Surety Bond is established by and for said Recipient.

  1. The Recipient shall pay one percent of the face value of said Bond (Grant Amount) for the payment of any and all such fees as shall be required for the establishment of an Educational Account and the requisite banking fees to guarantee payment of benefit.

  2. In such cases wherein the payment of the one percent would create an undue financial burden, GIDIFA may, at its sole and unfettered discretion, consider such mitigating and/or extenuating circumstances and opt to waive any and all such fees.

  1. The Surety Bond shall be duly lodged in such Financial Institution(s) as shall be utilized by GIDIFA.

  1. At such a time as Recipient shall select a course of study and an educational institution, they shall provide to GIDIFA, any and all such documents as shall be provided by said educational institution for the purposes of payment of the selected course of study, Said documentation should also include any and all such extemporaneous costs as can be predicted to include but not to be limited to the cost of books, laboratory costs and/or other such costs as shall be foreseeable in addition to a direct representative of the Educational Institution through which payment may be arranged and facilitated.

  1. GIDIFA and/or its representative shall deal directly with the representative of the educational institution for the arrangement and payment of any and all such costs as have been established and deemed to be requisite for the educational pursuits as have been selected.

Asset Redemption Program

           Asset Redemption

    While there are many Specialized Agencies of the United Nations tasked with various functions in regards to Humanitarian Causes, Infrastructure, Development and even matters of Global Finance, GIDIFA is the only one duly Authorized to run the Historical Asset..


GIDIFA Educational Programs

Educational Programs
        Educational Programs

    Education is one of the primary keys in the eradication of poverty around the globe. Unfortunately, the educational systems that are available in far too many locations are more than just lacking. One of the primary focuses of GIDIFA is the provision of viable.


GIDIFA Construction Programs

Innovative Construction Technologies
Innovative Construction Technologies

The Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency uses a wide array of state-of-the-art and innovative Construction Technologies for a great many purposes. Among the most important considerations are safe and secure housing.

GIDIFA Orphanages

Ending Poverty and Homelessness
Ending Poverty and Homelessness

 As one of the United Nations Specialized Agencies tasked with ending poverty and homelessness around the world, the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency is working to drastically change the way that orphans are cared for,

Indigenous and Tribal Programs

Indigenous and Tribal Programs
Indigenous and Tribal Programs

  The situation for the Indigenous People of the world is unique by some standards though they have much in common with many of the underclass and overlooked citizens all around the globe. While there may be some cases where the...

Cyber and Technological Communities

Technological Communities
  Technological Communities

 All of the Integrated Community Developments of GIDIFA (a UN Specialized Agency) will complete, communal locations and as such, will have large infrastructures along many lines. The concept of focusing entire communities around certain, more limited fields, ...

Global Infrastructure, Development & International Finance Agency

    Originally established in 1994, the Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency was established as a Sovereign Entity and Specialized Agency to create and implement a more equitable method for the distribution and supply of wealth among all of the peoples of the world in accordance and compliance with the instruments set forth as International Treaties.